About us

Hello, we are Team FTCUnits, we are a decently sized team located in the south of the Netherlands in a town called Sint-Oedenrode, this is the third year we will be competing in the First Tech Challenge and we are yet again striving to win. Through the years we have done quite a lot to get where we are now, we have had some people join the team and some people left. This year we will be a team consisting of seven members, they will introduce themselves first:

Sem de Haan: Hello, my name is Sem de Haan. I’m the one that arranges the social media accounts for the team and I keep the good mood here. I live in Schijndel (or Meierijstad but nobody calls it that) and I’m 16 years old. I’m also a student of Gymnasium Beekvliet but I’m in the 5th year where I’m following the scientific route and thinking about following the Science and Technics route in the future. The reason that I became the social media arranger of the group is that I spend way too much time on the internet, mostly Reddit and twitter. During the work I help a little bit with everything, I help to build and to browse for parts for the robot and I turn on music for a good mood.

Thijs Balk: Hello, I am Thijs Balk, I am one of the robot builders. I am 16 years old and I design and build the robot. The first vacation of this year, I designed almost the entire robot in a program called Autodesk Fusion 360. It was very useful, we could easily see the sizes of parts and how to put them together. That is very useful because it is hard to work with multiple people on the same robot, with this design, you can see what part you can work on. I have a 3d printer and I can design, so I design and print lots of parts for our robot. I like technics and I am going to follow a technical study. Two years ago, I was the first one to join the team.

Tuur Giepmans: Hello I’m Tuur, I’m the team captain. In the team, I mostly do public relations in the team with Meike. I’m 18 years old and live in Nijnsel and I’m in my first year in Media and event management at Sint Lucas. I’m going to try to elevate the team by coaching them in the right directions.  

Meike Wijbenga: Hii my name is Meike Wijbenga and I am 15 years old and that makes me one of the youngest members of our team. I joined this group in 2018 and I’m interested in high tech. I really like it in this group. I am quite interested in how we’ll get along for the remaining of the season and if my interests will change, although I don’t think that my interest will change that much since I already really like robots and technic for a long time. Even though the rest of the team is only boys I’m feeling like I’m in my place in the group. I discovered programming through my dad’s job, I had already coded a couple of times there. When it came to my knowledge that there was an FTC team in Sint-Oedenrode, I quickly visited them and now I’m part of the team! I am now in my last year at the Heerbeeck College.

Caspar Verhagen: Hi my name is Caspar Verhagen. I’m 15 years old and live in Veghel. I joined because I’m interested in technology and then I found this through an ad in the paper. I am in the 4th year at the Udens college where I study Nature and Technics. My role in the team is to build, but I mostly just help wherever I can, I chose to do this because I thought it would be fun and some things had to happen and nobody else wanted to do them.